Accurate Leaker Points to Red Dead Redemption 2 Development Hell

So the Red Dead Story Goes…

From everything we’ve seen of Red Dead Redemption 2, the game is a total feat in gaming – How many titles can boast over 200 animals species with functional genitals? As many might suspect, the game’s development must have taken some serious dedication. According to one leak, it was development hell.

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Two years ago, one Reddit user purportedly leaked a summary and a few details for Red Dead Redemption 2. They came with a big fat grain of salt at the time; since then, the details were confirmed to be true. And according to the same leaker, development hell led to some veterans leaving the studio.

Below, you will find a piece of the original Reddit post, cut to avoid potential spoilers.

“You play a gang leader named Arthur. The biggest change made to the game is you have a posse. If I remember correctly, the story kind of starts when you find out someone in your outlaw gang is a pinkerton spy. The pinkertons end up having you on the run through most of the game. You acquire lots of members of your gang such as abigal, little jack, marsten, and others. The core mechanic of the game is having to maintain and continuously move your outlaw camp. When you go on a mission you will choose who to take with you, similar to mass effect or dragon age. The game spans five zones. A directive they keep getting is to make the environments more interactive like skyrim. Whatever that means.”

The leaker, who went by reddeadinsider, also claimed that Rockstar devs had to keep reiterating in order to please the heads of the studio.

“The last I heard, which was a few months ago, the game was kind of stuck in development hell of sorts,” he wrote. “Then team kept remaking a vertical slice demo for the leaders of rockstar and they aren’t impressed… They didn’t find it different enough or innovative enough. Hopefully they got out of that rut.

“I’ve also heard that since gta5 morale at rockstar SD had been bad. Long timers are quitting. Lots of turnover. Lots of frustration. That’s all I can remember off hand.”

The original Reddit post was removed, but one user managed to save the message. More and more rumors around Red Ded Redemption 2 have circulated ever since Rockstar’s co-founder mentioned 100-hour work weeks. Several devs have also reported a mixed experience, from no overwork to extreme crunch.

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SOURCE: Reddit