Tencent Plans to Use Government Database to Stop Minors from Playing a Popular Mobile Game

Tencent Aims to Bar Underage Gamers From Playing ‘Honor of Kings’

Tencent announced on Thursday that they plan to use a Chinese public security database in order to crack down on underage gamers who’re playing its popular mobile game Honor of Kings.


The Chinese business conglomerate intends to begin this plan on September 15th. “Through these measures, Tencent hopes to continue to better guide underaged players to game sensibly,” they said in a post on their official WeChat account.

They are also reportedly intend to “gradually” implement this plan for their other games, according to Reuters.

Last month, the China’s president, Xi Jinping, blamed videogames for causing myopia, an eyesight condition that causes nearsightedness, in children. This recently lead to the country’s Ministry of Education to come up with a plan that aims to curb the amount of games that get approval for distribution.

Tencent’s decision is possibly a result of both of these recent events. The company could suffer financial loss if its game distribution is limited by China’s government.

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Sources: Reuters, The New York Times