That Leisure Suit Larry Game Has A Trailer Now

Hilarious Rejections: 2018 Edition

They’re making another Leisure Suit Larry game! While I was initially quite baffled at this decision, the first trailer has some self-awareness about it. If you played the old games, then this first footage will be quite a pleasant surprise, in fact. It’s a gosh-darned point and click adventure!

Leisure Suit Larry Wet Dreams Don't Dry

There’s this weird bubble of misconception around the Leisure Suit Larry series that I’ve never understood. Yes he’s a nasty dude, but this fact is never used to elevate him in any way. The old games were quite up front about how slimy, awful and sad Larry was, to the point where you started rooting for him anyway. If he ever actually managed to get laid, it was in spite of his charms, not because of them.

This newest entry, Wet Dreams Don’t Dry, has Larry being plucked from 1987 and thrown directly into the modern age. He’ll have to figure out smartphones, dating apps and just like, the whole internet phenomenon. It seems like his usual fish-out-of-water shtick will be taken to it’s logical conclusion. I’ve no idea whether this will work, but it will definitely be quintessential Larry. You can check out the aforementioned trailer embedded below.