Overcooked 2 Serves Up a Fresh New Game Plus Mode

New Game Plus Mode Adds Fourth Star Challenge in Overcooked 2

Have you already managed to get three stars in all 45 kitchens in Overcooked 2? If you have, then congratulations are definitely in order. Hitting those high scores is no easy task and the challenge should, for the most part, keep players busy for a long while. But if you’re looking for even more of a culinary challenge, then you’re in luck because Ghost Town Games have announced a New Game Plus mode coming soon for Overcooked 2 which will add a 4th star to every level.

Overcooked 2 New Game Plus Mode

Yep, that means you’re going to want to hone those chopping, mixing, and baking skills as best as you can. According to the official announcement, New Game Plus will unlock once you’ve finished the main game campaign. After that, you and your wannabe chefs can drive around in the overworld and take a stab at a new 4th-star challenge in every kitchen. Yeah, we’re not exactly looking forward to going back to some of those World 6 stages or the hidden Kevin levels, but we have to try, right?

The developers have also teased that “even more updates and new content” are in the works for Overcooked 2 and that they’ll be talking about them at a later time. The original Overcooked received Thanksgiving and Christmas-themed DLC. Might we see Overcooked 2 get the same treatment?

We’ll keep you updated on the ongoings of the game once we have it. In the meantime, please check out our glowing review for the game. Here’s a slice of what our reviewer said:

“Overcooked 2 takes everything you know and love about the first game and kicks it up a notch to make a more satisfying and plentiful sequel. The kitchens are still the main highlight, boasting an insane amount of creativity and franticness. The new dishes are all great, and the new throwing mechanic, as well as a new combo meter, greatly enhance the overall Overcooked experience. Experienced players will find a lot to love here, while newcomers can enjoy its simple design and pick-up-and-play controls. Overcooked 2 takes an already tasty recipe, throws in a few new ingredients, and presents itself on a more attractive platter. Just make sure you’re sharing with a friend.”