Massive ‘Fix PUBG’ Campaign Announced

They’ve Heard The Call To Action, It Seems

PUBG players have been uttering a particular phrase over and over again of late. Said phrase is “Fix the game.” To that end, Bluehole and the PUBG corp have kicked off a massive campaign known as FIX PUBG. It looks like they have a lot of fixes planned over the next three months.

Miramar PUBG Desert Map

From a quick glance at the roadmap they’ve thrown together, fixes will include character, effect and level streaming optimization. There will also be fixes for server performance, anti-cheat systems, matchmaking and bug fixes. The site even breaks down which problems will be tackled when between now and October.

If you’re especially interested in keeping up with these changes, there will also be a change log recorded on the same site. This is all well and good, though the acid test will be player count and player complaints as the fixes roll out. The anti-cheat systems alone should make a pretty serious difference in player satisfaction. Is this too little too late, however? Fortnite has been kicking PUBG’s ass up and down the playground for months now. Unless these fixes utterly revolutionize both the game and the Battle Royale genre, PUBG might be permanently stuck in second place.