Rocket League Potentially Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Game Pass Is About to Get A Lot Pass-ier With Rocket League

It looks like everyone’s favorite vehicular-footie-game Rocket League may be making it’s way to Xbox One‘s Game Pass sometime soon if this pretty damning evidence is to be believed.

Rocket League Game Pass

Xbox is currently teasing a Rocket League announcement for today’s episode of Inside Xbox along with info on We Happy Few and Forza Horizon 4, and the above image coupled with the one below of the game’s page on the Microsoft store claiming a discount for Xbox Game Pass holders and the prompt to become one is just about all the confirmation we need.

Rocket League Game Pass

The Xbox One version of the game comes with exclusive Battle-Cars content along with 2 Xbox-centric cars, the Halo “HogSticker” and Gears of Wars’ “Armadillo.” It also comes with all “Game of the Year Edition” content. Only a few more hours now until we find out for sure.

This would be a pretty great time to include the title in Game Pass’ catalog as Rocket League is currently having it’s 3-year anniversary event as part of an extensive Summer roadmap, including a shiny new Rocket Pass in the vein of Fortnite.

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SOURCE: TheNerdMag