Psyonix Details Rocket League’s New Rocket Pass

Psyonix Plans to Score on Fortnite With the New Rocket Pass

As promised in their 2018 Summer Roadmap and following the addition of the Salty Shores beachside map, Rocket League developer Psyonix has detailed the incoming Rocket Pass which, yes, is indeed very much like Fortnite’s Battle Pass, but with a Rocket League twist.

Rocket League

All the usual suspects in the burgeoning trend of seasonal passes are here. There’s a free track and a premium track, both of which allow players to unlock new customization items like banners, titles, and the crate-unlocking Decryptors. The Premium track ups the ante, including new car bodies, keys, and “premium” banners and titles, as well as XP boosts and awards.

Psyonix notes that both versions of the pass will be available to players on every platform, and that “every item will be tradable (excluding typical non-tradable items like Titles).” Players can purchase the Premium pass at any point throughout the duration of an active pass without losing any progress, and get all the premium rewards up to their current Pass Tier, and will continue¬†to earn the free pass items until the pass is over. You can also purchase tiers outright with keys.

Rocket League Hot Wheels RC Set

The Rocket Pass also introduces Pro Tiers, which are exclusive to the Premium¬†pass. Once you’ve completed every tier, Pro Tiers rewards players with a random painted/certified version of a Premium pass item they’ve already earned. Psyonix promises “you won’t see any duplicate rewards from Pro Tiers until you’ve completed the full set of each Paint Color and Certification for the current Pass.”

The developer also notes that the first Rocket Pass won’t include any gameplay challenges, but plan on implementing a “Weekly Win Bonus” which allows players to level up faster by winning a certain number of games in a week. They also mentioned that the reason for this is to not upset the competitive balance of the game by encouraging players to play for specific stats, but are considering challenges for future passes such as playing specific game modes or achieving shared team objectives.

Other details include all levels beyond a certain threshold requiring the same amount of experience and crates being unavailable as Pass Tier unlocks. Psyonix estimates that a pass will take roughly 100 hours to complete, excluding Pro Tiers.

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SOURCE: Psyonix