Mash Things Up With Semblance This Month

Squish and Stretch and Smash Your Way to Success

There are many ways to jazz up your average platformer. Irreverent mascots, Mode 7 effects, midi guitar solos. Or, if mid-90’s design tropes aren’t your thing, you can deform the platforms themselves! Semblance looks to change the platforming game by changing the platforms when it comes out this month.


The brainchild of South African studio Nyamakop, Semblance lets you navigate an unfriendly world by making said world nice and malleable. Otherwise impossible barriers are overcome with a little creative landscaping. You can block lasers, build steps and flatten whatever you need to in order to succeed.

You can also deform yourself, as well. Tiny passageways open up after you’ve been flattened slightly. Presumably you can also change your shape for better aerodynamics. Maybe get a good spherical shape going so you can rocket down hills even faster? The possibilities practically boggle the mind, really. Semblance will be out on PC and Nintendo Switch on July 24th, 2018. You can check out a trailer below. Like all good indie games, this looks like a perfect fit for the Switch. All games of any sort, come to think of it. Remember kids, one day all indie games will be a part of the Switch’s ravenous maw, the bottomless chasm where indie gaming is inexorably drawn.

SOURCE: Press Release