Fortnite Rifts Expanding, Fans Theorize Significance

Fortnite Continues to Puzzle Players With Otherworldly Shenanigans

Following Fortnite’s month-long antics leading up to a rocket launch that cut between dimensions before tearing an interdimensional rift in the sky over the game’s island. Now, players have begun to notice that the rifts are getting bigger.

Fortnite Rift

Earlier today Reddit user Discount_Pringles shared the above image showing how the rift has grown since Saturday’s rocket launch, and it looks to be growing at a pace to encompass the entire map by July 12th, when Season 5 is set to start. Additionally, US Gamer has been paying close attention to a rift in the Lonely Lodge area of the map which has also been growing. The folks over at Fortnite Intel have also noticed that a smaller rift has opened up in front of the Motel sign.

Fortnite Motel Rift

Naturally, fans have already proposed a myriad of theories as to what the significance of the rifts could be, including time travel to a map that will include Western/Desert themed areas, a new map set on the Moon, and Season 5 potentially including Greek or Roman mythology. Only 10 more days until we find out for sure just what Epic has in store for everyone’s favorite Battle Royale shooter.

In other recent Fortnite news, a new patch bestowed players with dual pistols and a Playground mode that was immediately removed and delayed to later this week, and an old school Tommy Gun, referred to here as a “Drum Gun” is on its way.

Fortnite Battle Royale is currently available for free on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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