Over 100 Chinese PUBG Hackers Arrested for Creating Cheating Software

Chinese Police Have Been Cracking Down on PUBG Hackers

In a spate of arrests that occurred in April, Chinese authorities arrested 141 Chinese PUBG hackers who had been developing cheating software for the game.


Over the course of four days, the police were able to not only arrest the hackers but also were able to seize over 200 pieces of their hardware (which included mobile phones and computers). The cops were reportedly working with PUBG developer Tencent to crack down on the hackers.

The cheating software reportedly enabled its users to earn tens of thousands of yuan (Chinese currency) a day. People who are convicted of hacking in China can be sentenced to prison for five years or more.

In April, 15 Chinese hackers were arrested for producing and selling cheating software for PUBG.

“We’ve upgraded our security measures, improved our anti-cheat solutions, and recently even added a new anti-cheat solution on top of all that,” said PUBG Corp. in a statement regarding those April arrests. “In the meantime, we’ve also been continuously gathering information on hack developers (and sellers) and have been working extensively with multiple partners and judicial authorities to bring these people to justice.”

As for when PUBG hackers will finally get the message and stop trying to develop or use cheats? Well, don’t expect them to stop any time soon. “It’s a never-ending battle,” said Allen Zhang, a Tencent Holdings Limited executive, at a conference held back in January. “You could come up with something effective today, but encounter something completely different the next day.”