Spider-Man PS4 Promo Material Teases More Marvel Characters

Here Comes the Spider-Man (And Friends Apparently)

Sony closed out their E3 conference this year with a stellar showing of Insomniac’s Spider-Man game launching this September, and later that week during the floor show itself, some attendees were lucky enough to snag a real life copy of the Daily Bugle. After scouring the newspaper for every little detail, fans noticed a handful of teases for other well known Spider-Man and overall Marvel universe characters.


Potential Spoilers Ahead

In a list compiled by IGN, some of the hints point towards characters we’re already well aware are appearing in the game – Miles Morales, Black Cat – but others tease potential plot devices and characters that we may not have expected to see in a standalone, console exclusive Spider-Man game, even though it makes perfect sense.

Spider-Man Spider Man Does Whatever He WANTS

First off, the Avengers Mansion has been spotted in a “For Sale” ad and is said to be the home of a “prolific NYC industrialist,” who is undoubtedly Tony Stark. This is the home of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes when they’re not hanging out at the Avengers tower, which has also been spotted in previously released gameplay footage. It’s evident that this is a universe where The Avengers have been around for a while, so we may see Spidey team up with them to take on some of the many villains the game features.

Spider-Man Spider Man Does Whatever He WANTS

Nelson & Murdock’s Murdock is everyone’s favorite man without fear, Daredevil, whom Spidey has an interesting relationship with in the comics. It’s not too far-fetched that Daredevil would make a cameo, seeing as New York is both of their stomping grounds (along with like 2,948,392 other superheroes), and Kingpin, a mutual enemy, is confirmed to play a role in the game’s story. They’ve also both had flings with Black Cat, who as we mentioned before is also set to make an appearance.

Spider-Man Spider Man Does Whatever He WANTS

In some of Spider-Man’s gameplay and promotional art, you can clearly see the tower of Oscorp Industries looming over New York in the background. However, in this incarnation of the webhead’s adventures, Norman Osborn is running for re-election as mayor, leaving us to believe that his son and Peter’s best friend, Harry Osborn, could be leading the company. Insomniac has mentioned that Peter has a new job, but refuse to tell us what it is, saying that it’s too important to the plot to tell us. Seeing as Peter is a well known science enthusiast, it would make sense that he would work for Oscorp under his best friend’s influence, but I guess we won’t know for sure until this September.

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