EA Announces Unravel Two at E3 2018, Available to Play Today

Unravel Two Takes a Darker Spin on the Lighthearted Game

Just announced at EA’s E3 2018 conference this year, Unravel 2 is available to play immediately. You can buy it right now from EA’s official website!

Unravel 2

Unravel Two seems to take a darker approach than its predecessor. Yarny loses his spark during a rough storm, but rekindles his spark thanks to an unnamed friend, with whom Yarny must travel and solve puzzles with.

Check out the trailer for Unravel 2 below!

The YouTube video sums up Unravel Two:

Team up with Yarny in Unravel Two as you chase the spark of adventure. Form new bonds with friends in seamless local co-op, or create two Yarnys of your own and explore a blossoming world.

Jump, slide, swing, and run faster than ever through beautiful natural landscapes and complex urban areas to solve challenging puzzles and watch your environment come to life.

Bound by one single yarn, in Unravel Two you play as both Yarny’s (even if you’re playing solo), and the game utilises both of the Yarny’s abilities in order to survive the harsh environment.

For solo players, you can carry the other Yarny and use them when you need to complete specific puzzles. For co-op, you’ll be able to control the other Yarny, and help your friend complete the puzzles. One such puzzle that was showcased at E3 was one that focused on the players swinging form their single yarn to avoid the hungry bird below.

The gameplay is described as ‘Friendlier than the first‘ and also ‘more challenging’. It was described as a worthy successor to the original game, and seems to pose plenty of challenges for the player.

Though it seems the Unravel Two is co-op is locked to local only.

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