Battlefield V Multiplayer Will Be Getting a Battle Royale Mode

Battlefield V Will Be The Deepest and Most Immersive Battlefield Yet.

Just announced at EA’s E3 2018 conference this year, Battlefield V’s multiplayer will be getting a big reveal at this year’s E3 in Hollywood. This includes a new battle royale mode for Battlefield V, and new ways to alter the terrain of the various multiplayer maps.

Battlefield 5 may have launched with a fairly controversial trailer, but the crowd at E3 seemed very hyped up in Hollywood today. The announcements were met with positive reactions from the crowd, including the new battle royale mode.

This was described as a unique take on the battle royale, and will be heavily based on Battlefield’s destructible environments to truly shake up the matches across multiple maps, using the renowned Battlefield destruction system, which is also back and more destructive than ever.

Battlefield V will allow players to surprise their enemies by smashing through windows to flank them, and even move the previously immobile defensive siege weapons into more strategical positions. It also allows players to further customise their characters with customisable skills for weapons, outfits, and vehicles.

Also announced are the complete exclusion of loot boxes, with not a single loot box being in Battlefield V, and no premium passes available to players.

For a look at the new Battlefield V, check the game’s new trailer below!

Also touched on was a brief introduction at Battlefield V’s single-player ‘War Stories‘, which aims to tell the players about the untold stories from WW2, focusing on real and relatable people facing brutality of war.

When Will Battlefield V Be Coming Out?

It seems Battlefield V will be getting numerous release dates, depending on the version of the game you buy.

For EA Access players, it will be available on October 11th; for those of you pre-ordering the premium edition of the game, the release is three days earlier on October 16th; and the regular edition of the game will be released on October 19th.

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