Anthem Will Allow for Multiple Freelancers on a Single Account

Anthem Will Offer a Boatload of Customization for Players

It’s been confirmed that BioWare’s hotly-anticipated shared-world action RPG, Anthem, won’t restrict players from having multiple characters on a single account.

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Since characters aren’t locked into a single class, thanks to the ability to switch between different Javelins, that means Anthem players can have multiple pilots, (or Freelancers), on their account customized to their liking.

Mark Darrah, Executive Producer on Anthem, confirmed the news in a tweet which you can see below:

Darrah later clarified that there would undoubtedly be a limit to how many Freelancers one player can have, but that he doesn’t have a final number yet.

The Javelins, while they do fall into four different classes, will be unique to each player thanks to the skill tree upgrade system. Upgrades will be distinct for each Javelin a player has. Freelancers also have their own separate skill trees and those upgrades can carry over to their selection of Javelins.

During E3, it was revealed that Javelins have two weapon slots, two skill shots, and an ultimate ability. It really does seem that BioWare is giving players a ton of options and customizations for their characters. We’re getting anxious just thinking about it.

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Anthem will drop February 22nd, 2019 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.