Andrew WK Kicks Off Bethesda’s E3 Conference Before Rage 2 Trailer

Andrew W.K. Gets E3 Ready to Die for Rage 2

Musician, motivational speaker, and party icon Andrew W.K. followed up Pete Hines’ sick rip on Wal-Mart Canada (“Best known for their low prices and ability to keep a secret”, he quipped) to play Ready To Die live, the song featured in the official teaser and announcement trailer for Rage 2.

The performance was followed by a couple of the game’s developers coming out and hyping the audience up for a trailer that was seemingly delayed due to technical difficulties.

The gameplay trailer starts off with some cinematic footage narrated by the game’s protagonist explaining the state of the world after it was decimated by a “fucking asteroid,” before jumping into a mission set on the Eden Space Port. The player in the demo showed off a bit of vehicular combat before jumping out and firing a group of enemies into the air with an anti-gravity grenade and blasting them apart with a shotgun. Throughout the demo, the character intermittently reels back enabling a rage-induced power-boosting ability, throws boomerangs and ground pounds enemies into oblivion. Before the end of the demo, they acquire an ability named shatter, which does just that, tearing enemies apart with a simple open-handed touch.

The trailer also revealed a collector’s edition, which includes a mutant talking head named Ruckus the Crusher, a steelbook case, a poster, something called “Wasteland Wizard Cheat Codes,” and in-game content including an exclusive mission named Cult of the Death God, yet to be detailed weapons and armor, a monster truck, and all the content in the previously revealed deluxe edition. Also, the game itself. It’ll beat your wallet up for $119.99 USD.

Rage 2 Collector's Edition

The trailer closed with the promise of a release window set for Spring 2019.

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