Bioware’s Anthem to Release in March 2019, According to EA

The Juggernaut of a Game Gets a Launch Window

During their most recent financial earnings call, EA Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen mentioned a concrete release window for AnthemAnthem is developer BioWare’s highly ambitious title that debuted at E3 2017, and details, including the release date, have been kept under wraps until now.

Anthem 1

According to Jorgensen, Anthem will release during the month of March, next year. The timing makes sense, considering it lands within Q4 of the financial year. Therefore, EA will be able to calculate the IP’s revenue in their earnings report. Of course, this leaves BioWare no more than 10 months to wrap up development and polish the game.

Though the experience may seem like many MMO and MMO-type games we’ve seen in the past, EA promises something different out of Anthem. Jorgensen affirmed that it will offer players something entirely new and unique. For the sake of every gamer, and BioWare, we certainly hope so. Here’s what he had to say:

“Later in the fiscal year, we’ll launch our stunning and ambitious new IP Anthem. Every dimension of this game will offer something entirely new for our audience of players, from a new universe with unique stories that BioWare is creating, to the cooperative gameplay, to the epic and beautiful environment that constantly evolves around the players.

“Anthem is a fundamentally social experience and will open new ways for fans to join the community and play early, enabling us to shape and refine the game with their input and feedback. We’re deeply excited to launch this brand new franchise and equally excited to work with our players to make Anthem a game they can’t wait to play and share with their friends for years to come.”

Judging by Jorgensen’s statement, Anthem is likely to reach EA Early Access. Stay tuned for updates as we move further into the year, and as we make the jump to E3. Expect additional relevant information and confirmations on highly-anticipated games by BioWare, DICE, and more. And if you haven’t witnessed the recent E3 leaks from Walmart, they might serve a clue on what to expect.

Happy gaming.

SOURCE: DualShockers