Splinter Cell Sequel Hinted at in Michael Ironside Interview

The Voice Behind Sam Fisher Also Talked About the Creation of the Character

A new Splinter Cell game has been teased recently and an interview that the voice actor of series protagonist Sam Fisher has only added fuel to the fire. You can watch the interview in an official Xbox video below (it starts at the 21:20 mark).

Michael Ironside has played and voice acted many characters over his long career but he’s most famous for his performance as the gravelly-voiced and sarcastic sneaky spy Sam Fisher.

“I never left,” said Ironside in his interview with Inside Xbox. “I am Sam Fisher.”

Ironside has recently voiced Fisher again in an update for Ghost Recon Wildlands, an open-world tactical third-person shooter set in modern Bolivia.

Ironside explained in the interview how he and Ubisoft gave Fisher more depth as a character when he was initially being created. “We created a backstory. We created a family [for him], and where he goes, and what he does, and who he trusts,” Ironside said.

Notably, when he was asked about any new videogames he could be doing voice acting for, Ironside said this: “Let’s see if the storylines allow an organic presence like Sam back.”

Of course, Splinter Cell fans will remember how Ironside didn’t voice Sam Fisher for the last Splinter Cell game that came out, Splinter Cell Blacklist. Instead, Fisher was voiced by Eric Johnson since Ubisoft couldn’t use Ironside (who was in his 60s at the time) for performance capture.

Last month, a webpage was seen on Amazon that seemed to hint at an E3 2018 reveal for a new Splinter Cell game. When asked for comment, a Ubisoft spokesperson told COGconnected that the developer “does not comment on rumors or speculation.” However, the spokesperson didn’t deny the authenticity of the webpage.