God of War Can Run at 60 Frames per Second on the PS4 Pro

Pro Owners Will Be Able to Decide Between Resolution or Frames

Reviews for Sony Santa Monica’s God of War are out now, and they’re singing the game’s praises from the halls of Valhalla to the realm of mortals. We can hear them loud and clear, and you can catch our review right here to get a feel for what the game will offer on April 20. Right now, however, we come with news of the game’s performance. Apparently, players with a PS4 Pro will have two options for visuals, depending on their preference.

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As relayed by Polygon in their analysis, God of War on the PS4 Pro has a Performance Mode and a Resolution Mode. Players with a 4K tv can play at 4K 30fps on the Resolution Mode. Or, if you’re playing the game on a 1080p screen, the Pro’s supersampling will enhance the details. Unfortunately, the mode doesn’t offer a consistent 30 frames per second while displaying a higher resolution. The additional visual output seems to take a toll on performance.

Alternatively, the Performance Mode offers a crisp 1080p resolution running at 60fps. Evidentally, the PS4 Pro is incapable of maintaining that 60fps, but the frames are consistently high throughout the game. They’re especially prevalent during the intense combat sequences, it seems. Therefore, even players with a 4K tv may ultimately prefer Performance mode. There’s no denying that 2160p resolution makes God of War look stunning, but the trade-off may not be worth it for some.

Whatever the case, there’s no denying God of War‘s alluring visual presentation of a new world. But what are your thoughts, PS4 Pro players? Comment down below.

SOURCE: Polygon