Analyst Predicts That ‘Detroit: Become Human’ Will Sell 3 to 4 Million Copies

Quantic Dream’s Next Game Might Be the PS4’s Next Big Hit

Detroit: Become Human comes out next month on May 25th and an analyst has recently predicted that Quantic Dream’s upcoming narrative adventure game is going to sell big. How big? Three to four million copies, according to the analyst.

Detroit: Become Human Reveal Top Screen

In an interview with GamingBolt, Michael Pachter, who is an analyst with Wedbush Securities, predicted that while Detroit: Become Human might not sell 15 million copies or outsell God of War, it could still sell well. “Three to four million units sold, which is good for a PS4 exclusive,” Pachter predicted for Detroit: Become Human‘s sales.

“I’m actually looking forward to Detroit, it looks like it will be a different kind of game,” Pachter said to GamingBolt. “I think Quantic Dream makes very dark, very thoughtful stories, but if you just want escapism, their games won’t be the best ones to play. So I’m a huge fan, and I think it will do super well, but I don’t think it’s doing 15 million units, or outselling God of War.”

It should be noted that Pachter has a solid track record when it comes to making accurate predictions that have to do with the gaming industry.

Pachter also said that Quantic Dream’s games “appeal to a certain type of gamer” and described the gameplay of their games as “niche”.

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