Detroit: Become Human Has Gone Gold

Quantic Dream’s Next Game Is Coming Out Next Month!

Quantic Dream, the developers of Detroit: Become Human, announced on Monday that the game has officially gone gold. The PS4 exclusive is scheduled to come out on May 25th.

If you’re unable to read the tweet that’s been embedded into the article then here’s what it reads: “#DetroitBecomeHuman is officially GOLD! Huge thanks to the team of hard-working and talented creators who came together to bring it to life, it’s been an amazing journey. Now we can’t wait for you to get your hands on @Detroit_PS4 come May 25th!”

detroit become human

Quantic Dream also confirmed that the demo for Detroit: Become Human will be available on the PlayStation Store worldwide tomorrow on Tuesday. However, if you’re in New Zealand then the demo should already be available for download. According to its PlayStation Store page, the demo is only 2.92 gigabytes.

In the demo, players will take control of one of the main characters of the game, Connor. Connor is an android that works for Detroit’s police department and the demo involves Connor having to intervene in a tense stand-off with a fugitive that the police are after.

David Cage, the game’s creative director, has described Detroit: Become Human as Quantic Dream’s “most ambitious title ever created”.