Agony Finally Gets a Release Date

Prepare for Agony

Although developer Madmind Studio recently delayed the release of their upcoming Kickstarter horror game Agony, they recently announced its official release alongside a launch trailer. The game will hit the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on May 29, and the trailer can be viewed below.

Agony follows a tormented soul recently sent to hell. With no memory of the past but an unclear image of a mysterious Goddess, players control the minds of lesser demons and people to find the Goddess, recover their memories, and hopefully escape from hell.

The game plays in the first-person perspective, and although not an open-world game, levels will not be completely linear.

“We are trying to design levels to be partially open and allow players to explore them, if they decided to do it,” said Tomasz Dutkiewicz, the President of Madmind Studios. “The main path of the story will be clearly defined, but it is up to the player if he decides to take the risk and try to find the secrets in the alternative paths full of dangers and demons.”

“Some parts of the levels remain locked until the protagonist finds the proper equipment, which will allow him to get to the seemingly inaccessible places.”

The gameplay also varies depending on character class.

“Gameplay varies slightly depending on the character class players will choose to control,” Dutkiewicz said. “Martyr, for example, remains the weakest host, being very vulnerable to attack, while controlling demons gives players opportunity for more aggressive behavior and rewards them for such an approach.”

The official excerpt of the release announcment from the game’s Kickstarter page is below:

“You’ve been tortured for countless days, not being able to get out of the Hell. But finally! The salvation day is coming soon, so save your strengths and be prepared for the slightest chance of escaping the horrors of the past and solve the riddle behind the mysterious Red Goddess! 

I’m coming back to you straight from the Hellish Grounds to confirm that Agony will see a simultaneous release for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 29th, 2018! Just don’t party too hard out there! Remember that Succubus will react to any sound you’ll make, so it would be foolish to give away your position just before the window of freedom opens… 

I wouldn’t deserve my title if I couldn’t bring you a treat to ease your pain of waiting. Watch the teaser trailer of Agony and prepare yourself for the worse to come.”