Survival Horror Game Agony Delayed

The upcoming survival horror game Agony, which was planned for a March 30 release, has been delayed. The project, which is on Kickstarter, puts players in the shoes of a tormented soul that has been sent to hell. Although you have no memory of the past, you have the ability to control the minds of lesser demons and people.

According to developer Madmind Studio, the decision to push back the release date was made in order to give them time to optimize the game for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In addition, they want to take care of minor tweaks and polishing.

“As you all have been curious about Agony we do have some information for you,” reads a statement from the studio. “Sadly we have to inform you that March 30th will not be the release date. We will inform you as soon as possible with the final release date of the game. Why is this? -With Agony being released across PS4, PC and Xbox we are facing last steps including polishing to support every player- no matter which platform – with the best possible experience. We wish this could have been done faster but ask for your patience to ensure you get the experience you deserver[sic] when Agony is released.”

Madmind has also confirmed that all age ratings for the game have been confirmed with classification boards. They also revealed the game’s available languages, which thus far are English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Turkish, and Portuguese. More might be added in the future.


“Players will play as a historical figure who does not remember anything but pain and a unclear image of a mysterious Goddess,” said Tomasz Dutkiewicz, the President of Mdmind Studios. “During the game, the hero is going to try gather information about himself and his past by talking with martyrs and exploring hostile environments. The protagonist will quickly realize that only the Goddess can help him recover memories and get out of this unpleasant land.”