Automaton Will Use Crytek’s CRYENGINE for Mavericks: Proving Grounds

Crytek announced that it has licensed its game development software CRYENGINE to UK game developer Automaton for Mavericks: Proving Grounds. The upcoming battle royale shooter is set to have 1,000 concurrent players in its high-fidelity world.

James Thompson, CEO of Automaton, spoke on the licensing of the engine, known for its use in the Crysis games.

“Mavericks is set in a huge, photo-real, and highly dynamic environment, and CRYENGINE’s high-performance rendering capabilities are just one of the aspects that make it the perfect engine for realizing the project.

We’ve integrated SpatialOS into CRYENGINE, and it’s that combination at the heart of achieving an incredibly high number of concurrent players in a high-fidelity environment,”

“We have enjoyed a very positive partnership with Crytek over the last year as our team has been building the incredible technology and game world that Mavericks will be showcasing.”

Mavericks is set to launch in 2018. The CRYENGINE team is reportedly working with Automaton to support the development process. In addition, they will help integrate new features that Automaton has built into the engine.

“We are happy to be showcasing what the CRYENGINE can do via the exciting work that Automaton is doing on Mavericks, and it is an excellent example of just how powerful the CRYENGINE is,” said CRYENGINE’s Product Manager, Collin Bishop.

Speaking of the game, Thompson said the following:

“It’s a massive multiplayer online shooter and it’s sort of an evolution to what we’ve seen recently of Battle Royale, with much more world simulation and focus on building a large world, while still in a tactical and high fidelity environment. It will also incorporate MMO features such as a persistent social hub and progression systems, so there’s quite a lot packed into this product.”

Automaton hopes to bring the game to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the future. However, an exact timeline of the game’s release for any medium is still in the air.