Vampyr’s Four-Part Webseries Continues with Episode 2

Vampyr’s Architects of the Obscure Releases

We previously reported on Vampyr‘s webseries aimed at providing fans a look at the design of this sprawling RPG. Episode II: Architects of the Obscure focuses on the areas of London in which the player will explore, as well as an introduction to the music in the game. As the game is based on real locations in 1918 London with a mixture of the supernatural, both map design and music will be crucial to the game’s atmosphere.

Episode 2 also provides players with a look at some new exclusive gameplay footage. For those who missed it, Episode I: Making Monsters provided players with information about protagonist Johnathan Reid, a doctor turned vampire who must make crucial decisions throughout the story. With every player choice being meaningful, the opposing natures of a doctor and a vampire will sure to be an interesting dynamic in the game.


While Vampyr was previously delayed to Spring 2018, the hype for the game has not dissipated, and the webseries provides players a glimpse into DONTNOD’s creative processes behind the game. In the next two weeks, fans will be treated to the next two episodes in the Vampyr webseries: Episode III: Human After All and Episode IV: Stories from the Dark.

This ambitious title is set to arrive in Spring 2018 for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. We await the release of this game with heavy anticipation, but the next two episodes will be sure to satisfy our hunger for the time being.

Source: Press Release