PUBG Creators Want a Movie After Their 100-Man Experience

Then a Cartoon, Then a TV Show, and Then…

Most would agree, 2017 has been PUBG’s year. Say what you will about the experience, there’s no denying that it sold over 20 million copies. And now that PUBG Corp has taken over the online gaming sphere, they’re pondering beyond. They want to make a movie based on the game and move from there.

pubg first person servers Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds recently left Steam Early Access and arrived in shell form on Xbox One. While it’s currently being expanded upon, executives aren’t content with ruling Steam and moving to console; apparently, they want a feature film. Not just a feature film, however, but a cartoon also. After firing past 3,000,000 concurrent players, it’s safe to say the team is feeling ambitious.

PUBG Corp CEO, Chang Han Kim, confirmed the company’s direction in an interview with InvenGlobal. He had this to say:

“I’d like PUBG to become a universal media franchise based on the game. We want to take part in diverse industries including Esports, movies, drama, cartoons, animation, and more. In fact, we received a couple of love calls from a number of developers in Hollywood and Netflix. Our dream is to build a new game-based culture through various ways like this, and have the lead of that culture.”

Considering PUBG’s popularity, it’s understandable that other mediums would want a piece of that potential cash cow. But only time will tell if the Battle Royale IP’s popularity can translate well into other mediums. Do you think it would make a great movie, for starters? Comment down below.