Go Jigsaw On Your Friends With Newest Dead By Daylight Update

The SAW Chapter Available Right This Second

Maybe you’ve gotten a little sick of stalking people with the usual serial killer/deathless horror toolkit. Perhaps you’re looking to expand your skills with a somewhat different avatar of unspeakable suffering. Lucky for you, the latest chapter in Dead By Daylight is all about the Saw series. Surely a little Jigsaw sadism will bring the spice back to your devilish exploits?

Dead By Daylight Jigsaw

Okay, so you’re not playing as that wacky puppet with the cheerful grimace. A pig-faced butcher with a railroad spike is pretty much as good, right? This addition to the Dead By Daylight saga lets you either play as The Pig or David Tapp. This seems like a great opportunity to play on the survivor side, as well. What better time to work on your pig-related one-liners? Yes, ‘squeal like a pig’ is right there, but the undertones for that phrase are the wrong sort of unsettling. Something about the smell of bacon in the morning? I’m sure you’ll come up with a dozen of them soon enough.

The Saw expansion pack is available right now for the PS4, PC and Xbox One. Nabbing this pack gets you both new characters as well as the Gideon Meat Plant. I mean, where else are you going to fight and/or be eviscerated by snuffling pig demon?

SOURCE: Press Release