Those Who Remain Exploring Horror Of Small-Town Life This Year

Literally No Escaping This Place

Good psychological horror is all about subtlety. Rather than hammering you into the dirt with wave after wave of awful monsters, your worst enemy in a psychological horror game is more ethereal. Case in point, Those Who Remain is all about the darkness that lurks behind the nightmare remains of a small-town setting like Dormont.

Those Who Remain small-town horror

That isn’t a weird metaphor or anything, by the way. Although you’ll face off against horrible creatures aplenty, the real enemy here is the all-pervasive shadow which chokes out the entire town. Also, there appears to be a serious problem with flying chairs in this place. It’s a weirdly common image all throughout the trailer, leading me to believe that whatever force is controlling the town of Dormont has got some serious telekinetic muscle.

Shadows and darkness will kill the heck out of you in this game. Too much time spent in the dark and your goose is cooked, forcing you to scurry back and forth between whatever light sources you can muster up. There’s also an extra layer of ingenuity required to navigate the mirror worlds that have appeared throughout the town. Those Who Remain is coming later this year to the PC, PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. Check out the trailer below. There’s so many flying chairs!

SOURCE: Press Release