Fade To Silence Hitting Early Access Next Week

Pretty Quick On The Draw, THQ

Fade To Silence was announced by THQ Nordic tonight at The Game Awards. Great news, right? Also, THQ Nordic and Black Forest Games has Fade to Silence hittingĀ Steam Early Access in a week. Which is really, really soon after the initial announcement, right? Good work keeping this one under wraps, I must say.

Fade to Silence

The game is a man-vs-nature title which pits our protagonist against a frozen hellscape, one complete with some actual monsters to be eaten by. It appears this world was Earth at one point, before someone cranked the thermostat all the way down. Tiny bits of the trailer suggest you’ve got a family to keep alive, which is always some excellent extra motivation. It also looks there’s some building of bases to get into. Which is excellent. Check out the trailer below for a better look at the icy, wintery death in store.