New Death Stranding Trailer from The Game Awards is a Total Morbid Mind F@#%!

The 3rd Trailer from Kojima Productions Arrives

Just about everyone and their mothers knew there was a small chance of Hideo Kojima showing us more of Death Stranding at The Game Awards 2017. Well, guess what? They were right. And this has to be the weirdest trailer yet.

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The 2nd trailer for Death Stranging debuted at The Game Awards 2016And just like this latest footage, no one knew what the hell was going on. Still, there’s no doubting that what we’re seeing looks intense and beautiful. Legendary creator Kojima is out to mess with our minds, and he’s got the blank check to do it. Presenting Death Stranding as presented by The Game Awards 2017. Seriously, prepare yourself. Things are about to get weird.

As hinted at via all the imagery relating to the game thus far, Death Stranding has something to do with the Cetacean Stranding phenomena in which sea life randomly strand themselves on shores. Does it relate to the gameplay in some way? No telling just yet.

Check back for more news on Death Stranding as time goes by. After three trailers, we should be getting true gameplay in the next one. Although, just about everything we’ve seen thus far is supposed to be in-engine. So at the very least, we know how the game will look.

Stay tuned.