You’ve Got One More Day to Grab Brutal Legend For Free

It’s Free On The Humble Store Until Tomorrow Morning

The Humble Store Fall Sale is on right now. To celebrate, you can grab Brutal Legend off of the Humble website for free, from now until tomorrow morning. All you need is an account and the game is yours, no strings attached.

Brutal Legend

The game is a leather-clad hybrid of the action and real-time strategy genres, with an open world element mixed in. Basically, the whole world is a 1980’s metal album cover. Jack Black plays a roadie who’s dropped into this hellish/rad universe and given the power to command armies with badass guitar solos. There’s a ton of cameos from various metal gods (some of whom have since passed on) and a delightful Double Fine narrative to keep you hooked.

Brutal Legend is available for free until November 22nd at 10 am PST. The Fall Sale is running from now until November 28th at 10 am PST. There’s a bunch of excellent titles on sale right now, including Dark Souls III, Tekken 7, The Surge and Tales of Berseria. Even if you’re already spent from the deluge of Black Friday sales, it’s hard to argue with a price like free, no?

SOURCE: Press Release