DICE Responds to Bad SWBFII Reviews: “We’ll Continue to Adapt as Fast as Possible”

The Final Product Will Change

During the recent Reddit AMA that led to more punches being thrown, DICE developers commented on the state of Star Wars Battlefront II. Turns out, they’re disappointed that the game is facing bad review scores on account of its progression system.

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We already know the Star Wars game has microtransactions linked to Multiplayer, but it seems devs didn’t realize what impact that feature would have. Now, they’re feeling it. They’ve already promised the experience will change with player feedback, but the impressions left by EA Access and early copies have resulted in bad review scores. Devs hoped issues could be addressed in a new Reddit AMA. But no, DICE.

Here’s the question posed by Reddit user TheAlfiandOmega:

Do you feel the 6.5/10 review that GameInformer released on your game was an adequate score based on the product you released? Do you think the score would’ve been higher if the game was not riddled with micro transactions and a progression system inherently tied to those micro transactions?

Design director Dennis Brannvall responded with the following:

I feel that the score was impacted by the feedback on our progression system and obviously would have loved if that wasn’t the case. I believe the gameplay, art, audio and depth warrants higher recognition, but I’m a developer, so I’m not necessarily the most unbiased source. Reviewers are obviously entitled to their own opinions, and we respect that completely.

When asked about potentially changing the game, DICE reiterated that they’re applying tweaks as fast as possible. However, elaborate changes will come over time. Whatever the review scores, producer Paul Keslin said the experience will be further optimized:

We care more about how you all enjoy the game and how long you all play the game vs. what its Metacritic score is.

As for direct actions, we’ll continue to adapt as fast as possible to things we know aren’t working well. For example we know that Progression needs reworking and that’s on our roadmap as something we need to change – some things can be done quicker than others.

In the meantime we’ll improve and expand on what works and rework or eliminate what doesn’t. Your feedback directly impacts what features fall in which bucket.

Star Wars Battlefront II launches today, and the final verdict (let’s be honest) will depend on the number of copies sold. Also, we’ll get to see the effect of Reddit on its overall sales. It’s been a roller coaster up to this point, which is why your thoughts matter. Do you think Star Wars Battlefront II will change for the better? Do you think the reviews, so far, have been fair? Comment down below.