SOMA Is Coming to the Xbox One with a Safe Mode for Kiddies

If You Want to Explore Without the Horror, There’s a Mode for That

In case you’re waiting for the horror successor to Amnesia, Frictional Games has delivered an update for SOMA. The Xbox release date has been announced, and it comes with a new “Safe Mode” that will let players explore without death stalking them at every turn. No creepy… things and faces and monsters to ruin progress. Just stroll into a subterranean world and hope Cthulhu will pop out.

Of course, the newly revealed mode is optional, and you can experience it on December 1st when it launches for Xbox One. Additionally, it will hit PC as a free update.

Isolated, submerged in the ocean’s darkness, chaos has overtaken the halls of PATHOS-II, and the boundaries of humanity strained beyond repair.

Now, obviously, the developers must think their game is difficult if they’ve introduced a new Safe Mode. Furthermore, it must mean that SOMA’s visuals are quite impressive. Players will be able to take their time and scrutinize every visual facet of the experience. In other words, the studio has made it so that the game doubles as a walking simulator.

If you like walking simulators, buy SOMA. If you like horror games, buy SOMA. Unless you’re waiting for it on PS4. The PS4 release date has yet to be announced, but we’ll be back with the latest info as times goes on.

SOURCE: Press Release