Super Mario Odyssey Nabs a Near-Perfect Score from Famitsu

All Aboard the Hype Train for Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo’s upcoming Super Mario Odyssey continues to gain momentum with early glowing reviews. After a leaked review from Edge magazine gave the game a 10/10 last week, which is great for Switch’s first year nabbing a second perfect score after Breath of the Wild. As for Mario’s next 3D adventure, another famous publication, Famitsu, has given the platformer a 39/40.

Super Mario Odyssey Official Rating SUper mario odyssey San Diego Comic-Con

The famous Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu, uses a “Cross Style” review where four reviewers rank the game out of 10 before the four scores are totaled to a maximum of 40. Old EGM fans will remember Shoe and Sushi-X talking about Famitsu’s review system being the inspiration behind their older issues’ review system. Anyway, if you don’t care for that inside baseball chat, then it’s interesting to note that Super Mario Odyssey joins 44 other games in earning a near-perfect Famitsu score. It’s important to note that Famitsu’s review sensibilities are different than their Western comrades in that they did award Final Fantasy XIII-2 a perfect score.
we’ve seen another publication review the game very positive write-up, too.

Gamers will rejoice, either way, when Super Mario Odyssey‘s launches worldwide on October 27th for the Switch.