Super Mario Odyssey First Review Leaked Online – Get Hyped

Everyone with a Nintendo Switch Should Be Excited

Even after delivering a number of critically acclaimed first-party titles, Nintendo is not done. 2017 has yet to witness the arrival of the highly anticipated Super Mario Odyssey, but it’s coming and coming soon. Before it arrives, however, we have a leaked review score from the first major outlet.

super mario odyssey

Though the latest issue of Edge Magazine wasn’t due yet, it was found stocked in stores early.Thanks to a photo image leaked online, we have their score for Super Mario Odyssey. Considering the game’s ambitions, a high bar has been set. Well, it looks like Nintendo has met the bar because Edge has given the title a 10/10.

mario odyssey review

A perfect score. Looks like all of our excitement for the Nintendo Switch title has been validated. Earlier this year, Edge gave The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild; later on, that game received numerous accolades in the same ballpark. We even gave the game a 100/100 in our review. Thus, there’s enough precedent to suggest Super Mario Odyssey will do just as well.

In total, Edge Magazine has given 19 other titles a perfect score, which makes this the 20th. Once again, it looks like Nintendo’s first-party developers have loaded their frames with love. Actually, the success of Super Mario Odyssey might just be enough to edge out the competition, no pun intended. This being the year of Nintendo Switch’s debut, the company is doing very well in hardware and software. Now, if only they could get more SNES Classics on the shelves.

Super Mario Odyssey arrives on October 27, 2017. Stay tuned for updates and our review as they come along. And let us know your thoughts – Were you expecting the next Mario to get a 10/10? Comment down below.

Happy gaming.