Razer Just Juiced The Gaming Laptop Experience with New Core V2 Thunderbolt 3

Core V2 Thunderbolt 3 Eliminates the Desktop PC Tower for LAN Parties

LAN parties are gonna have a field day with this. Eliminate the tower, and carry a light External Graphics Enclosure as an eGPU for your ultra-slim laptop. Hell, you can juice the eGPU with most Desktop Graphics cards for enhanced performance. It’s like a dock for your laptop! And all you need is a USB-C connection. That’s what the Core V2 Thunderbolt 3 advertises, along with seamless Graphics and I/O communication across the same cable.

This is the world’s first dual Thunderbolt 3 internal controller design that separates lanes for both graphics and connected devices, ensuring fluid gameplay. The external graphics enclosure comes with four USB 3.0 ports and Gigabit Ethernet for connecting a wide array of peripherals.

Starting from a block of durable raw aluminum, the Razer Core V2’s chassis is CNC precision milled for an incredibly rigid and compact form-factor.  This compact design encloses a 500W power supply to provide adequate power for graphics and connected devices.  The machine-crafted enclosure and additional cooling fans are designed to work with the graphics card to quickly dispense heat and provide optimal performance.

core v2 thunderbolt 3

The Razer Core v2 external graphics enclosure sports a redesigned internal layout that fits an expanded range of taller graphics cards. It now supports the most popular gaming graphics cards, including NVIDIA GeForce 10 series and AMD Radeon 500 series with XConnect technology. So save your laptop’s mobile GPU and let the Core V2 run it for you.

For professional use, the Razer Core v2 now allows users to connect an external high-end desktop NVIDIA Quadro GPU to Thunderbolt 3 eGPU-enabled laptops, harnessing the power of high-performance, professional graphics to dramatically accelerate the workflow and create a compact workstation.

Install of external cards is relatively simple with the chassis, and a single screw secures the graphics cards.

The whole enclosure is available for $499 MSRP. No more hauling the whole tower, just bring this compact baby to any LAN party, and you’re ready to game!