New Trailer for Mario Party: The Top 100

Still Wished Mario Party: The Top 100 Was On the Switch Instead

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Mario Party: The Top 100 on the 3DS that goes over some of the minigames and its Amiibo implementation. First off, the game’s modes include Decathlon, Minigame Match, and Championship Battles which cuts out the board game from the series and focuses instead on just the minigames. Not sure if that’s what series fans would really want, but it could possibly be a better fit for the handheld experience. Besides that, the party game allows up to four players to play using a single cartridge via Download play across each of the player’s own 3DS. The Amiibo functionality is little more ‘meh’ as it can give unfair advantages like extra coins while playing. Instead, it might be better just to use it to unlock some of the minigames. That said, the Amiibos are pretty superfluous here so it won’t be a big issue.

Mario Party: The Top 100
For those who don’t know. the game is a grab-bag of some minigames from the previous console Mario Party games. Here, the selected minigames get a modern facelift with updated graphics and controls. Take a look at the trailer below for a better look at what to expect from the game modes.

Mario Party: The Top 100 will launch for 3DS on November 10.