Star Citizen Gets Star Criticized, And Chris Roberts Answers

Chris Roberts Shuts Down the Haters in Latest Interview

GOD, I LOVE READING ABOUT Star Citizen updates. But it looks like the creator, Chris Roberts (Freelancer, Wing Commander) is equally fed up with the constant questioning in an interview he gave to Eurogamer about the new 3.0 update.

Star Citizen Passes 150 Million Dollar Crowdfunding Milestone

This is the largest crowdfunded project ever with $159 million and counting, so the pressure is on to deliver a game worthy of the price tag. Chris Roberts addressed these huge expectations surrounding Star Citizen as well as the delays Roberts and his team had on the original schedule. And did yo boi go off:

“People still say ‘Chris, you lied to me’, even if I did give all those caveats for our predictions. People forget all those qualifiers. I am fed up of giving someone an estimate – I’d rather say, here’s the data I have, here’s the schedule I see. This is what we are hoping for.

There’s a subset of people who say ‘this thing is never going to come out, it’s a scam’. Which is plainly not true. It would be the worst scam in the world. We’re hiring all these people, we’re working really hard. We’re showing what we’re doing every week.

You could say ‘I wanted it to be this big [small gesture] instead of this big [large gesture]. That would be a legitimate complaint. But some of the stuff is literally just like a fan trolling a match report for their rival team. It happens. I see it on Call of Duty versus Battlefield, or PlayStation versus Xbox. There’s an element of gaming culture which plays into that. The majority of our gamers, by our metrics, are happy. They don’t really care, or pay attention to it, or read the comments. We know our stuff, we know the people who are joining us and playing the game. We know how many people of those then are active in our community, who go to our forums. Then there are the people who are really loud to get their opinion across. And they are a fraction of a fraction of a fraction [of our playerbase]. It’s a long term challenge for, in general, the world – there’s a lot of loudness which gets over-amplified through social media.”

God Bless him for fielding any questions at all and not living like a weird reclusive Citizen Kane. Also he could just make an updated Wing Commander series and I would be there, but do use those sweet VGA cutscenes.