Battlefield Bad Company Joins Xbox One Backward Compatibility

Players Can Re-Experience DICE’s Classic Shooter

Slowly but surely, the Xbox One is becoming a next-generation haven for all the great games of last generation. Yet another title has joined Backward Compatibility and it is none other than Battlefield Bad Company.

Battlefield Bad Company

This week, Battlefield Bad Company joins Metal Gear Rising and ScreamRide in games added to the program. This offers Xbox One owners a diverse selection of oldies but goodies.

Bad Company, many will remember, was the off-shoot installment of the Battlefield franchise. Set in an alternate timeline of a Russo-American war, players followed the antics of B company. With non-stop witticism and a penchant for danger, the B became a signifier for “Bad.” And like many shooters of the time, you were the new recruit.

At the time of its release, Battlefield Bad Company was widely acclaimed for its campaign, multiplayer, and DICE’s signature visuals. Despite the developer’s streak of success with Battlefield games, this was one of the standout titles that led to their current reputation. Their popularity was further cemented by the sequel, Battlefield Bad Company 2.

More games await the Xbox One Backward Compatibility program, so be sure to check back for updates on the latest classics making their way to the console. Until then

Happy gaming.