WB Games New York Opens to Give Gamers a Better Online Experience

This Could Mean a Much Better Multiplayer Experience from Games with the WB Logo 

June 22, 2017, Warner Bros. has announced the opening of WB Games New York. This new service provider is dedicated to the upholding and optimization of online communities that play their games. From hereon, video game developers for WB Games will be able to add online features easily and at a brisk pace.

Shadow of War Top 2

According to a press release, WB Games New York is bringing cloud-based technology to the table. This could work to the advantage of future games that utilize multiplayer. Theoretically, we could see new Lord of the Rings or DC-based games with better online features going forward. No word on if this will affect current games like Injustice 2 or the incoming title, Middle-EarthShadow of War. Either way, the move has been made to help players and devs make the most of the gaming experience.

“We understand the importance of expanding the connected communities of players, and with WB Games New York, we will have a strong foundation to grow our player connectivity with our digitally powered console and mobile games as well as live service gaming,” said Steven Chiang, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Production and Studios, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. “Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has enjoyed a successful history with utilizing new technology with many members of the WB Games New York team on some of our biggest games, and this will be continued as we work on several upcoming projects.”

Any thoughts on the move by Warner Bros? Naturally, we’re all excited for a better gaming experience. But, we have to wonder if the company has a specific project in mind for their new “cloud-based gaming backend technology.” If such is the case, we expect news in due time.

SOURCE: Press Release