New Hellblade Trailer Is a Tale of Terror; Try and Watch without Shivering

Latest Footage Shows the Horror of Ninja Theory’s New Game

Today, we received another trailer for Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, the game of psychological suspense by Ninja Theory. New footage surrounds the viewer with an eerie shell that offers just a taste of the in-game experience. See below.

Even though Hellblade is a game with AAA level production value, developers have worked to make it the vanguard of a new trend. Qualifying it as a “mid-sized” game, Ninja Theory is releasing Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice at a $29.99 value. For that price, players will be able to experience a deep and riveting story across a visually stunning world. Engaging combat, mystical terror, and compelling narrative are a guarantee.

Additionally, pre-ordering for the PlayStation 4 gets you the dynamic theme which you can find below.

If you need a solid understanding of the game’s length, according to PlayStation LifestyleHellblade lasts approximately 6-8 hours. Only you can decide if that’ll make up the value.

Experience Ninja Theory’s new title on August 8th for PC and PS4. Before then, let us know your thoughts on the footage revealed so far. Are you on board for more Celtic horror? Comment down below.