Atari’s Upcoming Ataribox Retro Console Will Be Based on PC Technology

Atari’s Upcoming Ataribox Retro Console Will Be Based on PC Technology

Recently, Atari revealed their upcoming system that seemingly came out of nowhere. Dubbed the Ataribox, the retro-revival style console made its debut via a YouTube trailer, which shows off the box along with its classic wood grain finish. What exactly the upcoming Ataribox retro console is, we haven’t a clue, however, Atari CEO Frederic Chesnais happily confirmed that the new system will be powered by PC technology.

upcoming Ataribox retro console

When Atari announced their new gear, what people were expecting was a revamped retro console, much like the Nintendo NES Classic or the Sega Genesis Flashback. The news, however, gives the hint that Atari might have more in store than meats the eye. With the inner workings being powered by PC technology, the Ataribox will be more than capable of handling the console’s previous, old school style of 8-64 bits.

While the system itself might not be a console as powerful as Sony and Microsoft’s current next-gen lineup of platforms, this might be leading into a new world of gaming for Atari. Being powered by PC technology, Atari will now be able to develop a high-powered lineup of games specifically for their new set of hardware, leading the way for new IPs and indie games. Are they going to do this? Only time will tell for now, but it’s a completely fathomable possibility.

What do you think Atari has in store for their upcoming retro console? What games are you most excited to see make a reappearance if Atari unleashes an onslaught of retro games for the platform? Let us know in the comments below!