New Atari Game Console In Development

Atari Gets Back into the Game Hardware Biz with Ataribox

With the early aughts (2000’s) about to become in vogue in pop culture, a name from a far older time is set to return for gaming audiences. The iconic Atari brand is synonymous with retro gaming, but soon, we’ll be able to play a new Atari console. VentureBeat gets the scoop in an interview with Atari CEO Fred Chesnais that gives us confirmation that Atari is returning to the gaming hardware business.

Last week, Atari released a brief teaser below that mentions “A brand new Atari product” with “Years in the making”. The teaser dropped a little before the madness of E3 2017, but did not say much. Though. we saw some classic Atari-style wood grain panels beside the iconic logo.


“We’re back in the hardware business,” Chesnais said to VentureBeat. He doesn’t say much else besides the fact that the system is based on PC technology. Furthermore, the design of the console is still being worked on with a reveal on the way.

One possible incarnation of what this Ataribox will be is the easy money idea of an Atari version of an NES Classic Edition that packages built-in classic Atari games like this guy.

Of course, the other way could be an actual new console that will be competing against Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. I’m not sure if the industry has enough bandwidth to support another console as there’s already plenty of overlap between Sony and Microsoft in terms of gaming titles.

All we can do is wait and see if Ataribox will be a triumphant return for the legendary gaming brand or more of an E.T. sort of deal for the company.