This Silent Hill Cosplay is Sexy, Unsettling and Atmospheric

New Silent Hill Cosplay Sizzles 

It never fails, cosplay from Russia always seems to deliver. A prime example of this is one of COGconnected’s favorite cosplayers, Elena Samko, who just happens to be from Russia. Her cosplay is amazing and the detail she puts into each and every one of her costumes is impressive. Last summer, we shared Elena’s unbelievably hot cosplay of Witcher 3’s “Horny Goat Woman”. A couple of weeks later, we posted some terrifying Noonwraith from the Witcher 3 cosplay. Today we have for you some spectacular Silent Hill 2 cosplay directly from, you guessed it, Russia. Check out the first image:

Silent Hill Cosplay Pic 6

Silent Hill 2 is unquestionably a classic and now 15 years after the game’s initial release, we’re finally able to see some stellar Silent Hill 2 cosplay. These images are from photographer Kira Mitenkova and cosplayers Nikolay Zharov and Maria Hanna. Check out a couple more pics:

Silent Hill Cosplay Pic 8

Silent Hill Cosplay Pic 7

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