Latest Mass Effect Patch Leaves Some PC Players with an Unplayable Game

The Latest Mass Effect Patch Leaves Some PC Players with a Game That’s Totally Unplayable. Although EA Provides Little Help, These Other Solutions Could Help You Fix It.

While the Latest Mass Effect patch that came out on Thursday was pushed with good intentions, addressing Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s plethora of technical issues, it ended up doing more harm than good for many PC players. Instead of cleaning up those technical and graphics bugs, the Mass Effect: Andromeda 1.05 patch makes the game completely unplayable. Posts on Reddit, BioWare messageboards, and EA’s support site are all laden with complaints about the issue, from people who can get into the game, but have incredibly slow load times or black screens, to people who can’t launch the game at all.

Mass Effect Andromeda Latest Mass Effect Patch

The amount of players who are actually getting this issue is unknown, but it’s enough for EA to officially address the issue on their support page with the following but, according to PC players that are actually experiencing the issues, these solutions don’t actually work, so they’re most likely for basic troubleshooting purposes:

Having trouble starting the game after the PC patch? We have three potential workarounds:

– Try to see if an update has not gone through by right clicking and selecting ‘Update Game’ in Origin.

– Playing the game in ‘Offline’ mode.

– Deleting the Andromeda.exe files and then completely reinstalling Mass Effect: Andromeda.

As it stands, no other solutions for the issues have been offered by either EA or BioWare, but, thankfully, some users have been finding their own, possibly better solutions to the problem. Here are two solutions posted by players to the EA Answers site which might prove to work in your favor if you’re a PC player that’s having Mass Effect: Andromeda issues.

Attempting to start the game results in nothing happening: no black screens, no main menu, no nothing. deleting the .exe does nothing, repair does nothing

– start origin click origin tab and hit go offline

– launch game (note, if you haven’t played offline before you may need to register the game with your login email and password)

– after game starts, alt+tab out and click go online on the origin tab, then alt+tab back to the game

– at main menu for game hit x on PC to reconnect to online (message at bottom of screen should give prompt)

Starting the game results in a black screen

– go to installation menu

– delete the .exe files (MassEffectAndromeda and MassEffectAndromedaTrial)

– launch the game from origin, the game will auto-detect the missing files and replace them

Are you a PC player who has been experiencing these issues? Have any of these solutions worked for you? Let us know in the comments below!