Expect Call of Duty 2017 to Have Highly Detailed, Photo-Realistic 3D Models

According to a Job Advertisement, Activision’s Call of Duty 2017 Will Have Photo-Realistic 3D Models

The upcoming Call of Duty is expected to be getting a photo-realistic upgrade this year. A job advertisement posted on Activision’s official website states that the studio is seeking a developer to create photo-realistic 3D models for Call of Duty 2017. The job post is looking for an “associate environment artist,” and the job description gives us a look at what they’re going for in the ever-approaching installment of the first-person shooter game.

Call of Duty 2017 placeholder

Sledgehammer Games is seeking someone who has the “ability to create realistic 3D props, environments and textures from concept art and photo reference,” “proficient in next-gen asset creation,” and will have the responsibility of creating “believable, photo-realistic 3D models and textures from concept art and photo reference.”

With these details, we can expect some beautiful artwork from Sledgehammer Games in this year’s Call of Duty. Gameplay, however, is a totally different story, but we’ll probably be hearing and seeing more about that as E3 approaches.

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