Steam More Compatible with Xbox Controllers Soon

Xbox Controllers will Work with all Games, with or without Native Support Built in

Steam’s latest update is adding is adding expanded controller functionality to their entire library of games. Users will have the ability to use Xbox One or Xbox 360 controllers with any of Steam’s games, native support notwithstanding.

steam xbox controllers

The update’s patch notes reveal that Steam will attempt “automatic conversion” to Xbox-style controls, but will allow users to map their own controls for any game with Steam’s configuration tools.

If you’re opted in to Steam’s “Beta Participation” system, the update is available now. There is no date set for the final release, though it’s easy enough to access the beta, requiring only a quick trip through the menu.

If you’re not an Xbox user, worry not: PS4 controllers are already compatible with the Steam library, having received a similar update last year.

Also included in this update is support for “third party PS4 controllers, including some HORI, MadCatz, and Armor pads and fight sticks.” With Steam’s growing library of fighting games, this is a welcome addition.