Rock Band Rivals for Rock Band 4 Finally Offers Multiplayer This Month

Rock Band Rivals DLC Brings Rock Band 4 the Basic Online Multiplayer Features That the Game Lacked

Rock Band Rivals will be coming out this month, finally offering amends to the lack of online multiplayer features that restricted Rock Band 4 players and stuck them in the situation of only being able to play with remote bandmates. You can expect the new DLC on January 25th. While the news is exciting for some, others are disappointed that, as opposed to the multiplayer option being available upon game’s release, it has taken the studio an incredible amount of time to launch a basic multiplayer feature, and that they’ll be selling it at $29.99 and up.

Harmonix rock band rivals

That’s a pretty hefty price, seeing as the game, the instruments, and the arsenal of songs are all separate purchases.

Do you think Harmonix’s nearly $30 online multiplayer addition to Rock Band 4 is taking advantage of players? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.