PlatinumGames Release Depressing Statement; Says “Very Disappointed” About Scalebound Cancellation

PlatinumGames Release Statement Regarding Scalebound Cancellation 

A couple of days ago we told you that Xbox exclusive Scalebound was cancelled. Following the announcement by Microsoft Game Studios of the cancellation of Scalebound for Xbox One and PC, PlatinumGames published an official statement today by President and CEO Kenichi Sato.

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The statement expresses disappointment about the game getting axed, but promises to continue delivering high-quality games starting with the upcoming NieR: Automata and following with Granblue Fantasy Project RE:Link and Lost Order. The statement says:

“We’re sorry to say that on January 9, 2017, Microsoft Studios announced the cancellation of Scalebound. We are very disappointed things ended up this way, especially since we know many of our fans were looking forward to this game as much as we were.

Going forward, we will strive to continue delivering high-quality games to you, starting with NieR:Automata in March, and including products like GRANBLUE FANTASY Project Re:Link and LOST ORDER in the future.

We will keep working hard to meet your expectations and we look forward to your continued support!

President and CEO
Kenichi Sato”

The cancellation of Scalebound is certainly sad news for many and is certainly a big hit for Xbox. The momentum Xbox had gained towards the end of 2016, now appears in question. Regardless, it’s good to see PlatinumGames are already pulling up their sleeves and thinking ahead. We played the NieR: Automata demo and it looks amazing.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait too long. NieR: Automata will release in Japan for PS4 on February 23rd, in North America on March 7th, and in Europe on March 10th. A PC version is also scheduled to come this year, but no release window has been announced for it just yet.