Epic Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer Shows Enemies, Friends, and Plot

A Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer Revealing the Game’s Darker Story

Ever since the reveal at E3 2015, we’ve been getting more and more revealing tidbits for Horizon Zero Dawn. Our first look at the world showed us how we would survive. Gamers gained a sense of the environment, the kind of enemies we’d fight, overall, something new. Then 2016 showed us a bit more of Aloy, the player character’s and her awesome improvisation with robotics and a bow.  Everything is stacking up to a unique and memorable experience, and now we get an in-depth look at the story through a new cinematic trailer:

Finally, a look at what Aloy is up against. Seems there’s plenty of interesting plot points and side-characters to engage. Apparently, a post-societal world hasn’t eliminated much of the RPG elements we love, nor the enemies we grow to hate. What’s left is dissecting this trailer for every extra tidbit. Surely, there are plenty to find. For one, it looks like Aloy’s getup will be customizable, at least to some extent.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn releases in North America for PS4 February 28, while Europe will see it March 1st. But, according to the PlayStation Store, the UK will see it March 3rd. Whatever the reasons, it’s worth the wait.

Horizon Zero Dawn will be PlayStation 4’s first AAA exclusive of 2017; let’s see how they start off the year. All the while, remember to keep updated on the latest in gaming with COGconnected. Happy hunting.