New Psychonauts 2 Prototype Gameplay from Double Fine

New Psychonauts 2 Prototype Gameplay from Double Fine

When we found out that Double Fine was resurrecting its cult favorite Psychonauts we were ecstatic. One of our most loved games of generation’s past we were excited to see what was in store for Psychonauts 2. Now, thanks to the fine folks over at Double Fine (specifically Tim Schafer and Zak McClendon) we get a sneak peek of that game with this ‘Art Test’ prototype video.

Whispering Rock, the summer camp from the first game is recreated in glorious HD due to the power of Unreal Engine 4 and from this glance early in it already looks gorgeous. As the duo make their way through the short demo we get to see some of the new powers that Raz has at his disposal (not all of which will be kept necessarily) and they include enhanced telekinesis alongside a cool psychically projected clone ability.

Psychonauts 2 Top Screen Art

Tim Schafer is truly one of gaming’s most beloved icons and it’s really great to see him behind the scenes and showcasing a game he is truly passionate about. While we still have a long wait in front of us before we see Psychonauts 2 hit retail this is surely enough to keep us interested. As always, keep it locked right here on COGconnected for more on Psychonauts 2 as we have it.